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Welcome to Alwoodley Parish

Alwoodley Allotment Association

We have been involved in setting up allotments in Alwoodley for what seems like forever. Local Government seems to take ages over the smallest stages of the process. However, our solicitors are now checking out the leases (one between LCC and APC and one between APC and AAA), in preparation for the big signing! We're almost there now and with the Allotment Association we are trying to get grant funding for initial site set up costs. The AAA working group is doing a sterling job applying for grants

Someone once said that it’s great spending your parishioners’ precept on local amenities and issues - no siphoning off by LCC for other parts of Leeds. However we think that it’s even better to spend other peoples money on our parishioners!!

Amongst other applications we are seeking £7000 from the Engage Foundation to help with setting up costs.

The grants are awarded based upon the number of votes received. We really need your help with this because we will need several hundred votes if we are to be successful. Your family, friends, work colleagues in fact anybody you know can vote so please spread the word. There are 3 other organisations with 300 votes to date. We really do need your help in beating these totals.

It only takes about five minutes to register and vote. You can deselect the option to receive mailings and need not be an Engage mutual customer (or to live where allotments will be) to vote.

We know you are all busy and have better things to do but this funding would enable the site to be ready for planting this year and will leave us a lot of money that we can use for other projects within the Parish

Other halves / friends can also register and cast a vote . . .

Please help if you get the chance, no problem if you can't.

There is a walk through of how to vote here

What’s on during Spring?

Tuesday 28th April - (Annual Meeting of the Parish at ‘Leeds Seventeen Restaurant’) - full details

Monday 12th May - Parish Council & Planning Committee meetings - full details

If you want your event shown here, please contact the webmaster

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The Neighbourhood Development Plan team’s boundary request has been approved by LCC.

In our recent Spring Newsletter - delivered to your door! - There was a questionnaire plus a prepaid enveloped to return it.

This is your chance to help them to help us to influence positively Alwoodley’s future!

You can find out more about their work or contact them here

Your local information . . .

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