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A grumble in the jungle!

As a group of people that make up the Parish Council we are always on the look out for ways to improve the area we live in. The reward is when we see the completion of projects even though sometimes it takes longer than we would like for these to come to fruition.

None of expect thanks from the community . . . but is gives a nice warm feeling when someone makes the effort to comment and say ‘well done’!

It’s the people who go to the opposite extreme that are morale sapping.  Dog walkers who expect the volunteer group Friends of Adel Woods to clean up their mess. Drivers who park without any thought of other drivers or pedestrians. The latest example of the ‘I’m all right, Jack - and you don’t matter’ mentality is demonstrated by the photo’s to the right. A large vehicle of some sort had been driven through the new trees on King Lane, just missing the WWI memorial and ploughing on through further sections of the grassy area. The ruts that have been created by this would have been even worse if not for the freezing weather. Neil Buckley is both an APC Councillor and a LCC Councillor. Through him we have informed the police and LCC about this though we know that its too late to do anything about this particular act of vandalism.

Alwoodley in Bloom has suffered wanton vandalism to some of its tubs as well as damage by vans parking along King Lane where daffodils have been planted . Dog muck is still being left where it was deposited or perhaps worse, bagged and the bags hung on nearby trees and bushes like some obscene decorations. Old people and young mothers have to walk across the verge onto the road to get past cars parked on pavements. Often the cars are in front of empty drives

Enough is enough.

Wherever we can, on behalf of everyone living in our Parish, we are going to ‘name and shame’ those whose actions undermine the improvements in our neighbourhood and reduce the quality of life we all want to see.