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What’s on during Summer/Autumn?

Monday 1st August 2016 Planning Committee meetings

Monday 5th September Parish Council & Planning Committee meetings

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Latest news about the progress of the Neighbourhood Development Plan


See below for the next very important step when you have a chance to say what you think!

Contact the Clerk

by email:

by post:

The Clerk,

Alwoodley Parish Council,

Alwoodley Community Centre,

60 The Avenue,

Leeds LS17 7NZ

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Alwoodley Allotments Update

It’s been worth the (multi-year) wait, but finally Phase I is complete; the leases have been done and dusted and signed. APC is leasing the land from LCC and AAA is leasing the land from APC!

The allotment association is now into phase II - preparing the allotment land. The first jobs are to create the gated entrance, install boundary hedges and layout the plots, parking space and so on. They are actively seeking grants, though through prudent work so far they have some finds saved to get the primary tasks up and running.

For more details visit their website

It was lovely to see that a few hundred people braved the ominous clouds and came to see the (excellent) Altofts & Normanton Brass Band. The band played two sets of varied popular music. It was great so see how many families came, playing football, or the kids just running around or having fun in the playground and on the green gym.

The rain held off until just before finishing time and a hardy crowd hunkered down and listened to the final few pieces of music

The next major phase in creating a Development Plan for our Community has started. Having created the plan over the last few years, we now want to know what you think.

Every resident within Alwoodley Parish now has the opportunity to comment on the draft plan. The plan will have great influence on developments in Alwoodley for many years to come. Now is your chance to let us know what you think about this vision for the future of Alwoodley.

Firstly you can download a copy of the (83 pages) draft plan (in pdf format) from here

In addition, hard copies will be available to view at Moor Allerton Library and in

the bar at the Alwoodley Community Association Hall.

As you might expect, the plan is very comprehensive in scope:



1.0       Introduction

1.1   Background to the Neighbourhood Development Plan

1.2   The Alwoodley Neighbourhood Area

1.3   About the parish

2.0       Vision and objectives

2.1   Conforming with national and local policy

2.2   The vision for the future

2.3   Key objectives

3.0       Key themes and policies for the Plan

3.1   Introduction

3.2   Countryside and the natural environment(CNE)

3.3   The built environment (BE)

3.4   Community and recreational facilities

3.5   Economy and business (EB)

3.6   Housing (H)

4.0       Priority projects and aspirations

Appendix 1 – Policies Map

Appendix 2 – Local Green Spaces Assessment

Appendix 3 – Housing Market and Needs Assessment

Appendix 4 – Character Area Assessment

Appendix 5 – Community Buildings/Facilities Assessment

Secondly, we are organising an Open Day in mid July so that you can look at the full plan discuss it with those who have been involved in writing it- you can also tell us what you think of its vision. The Open Day details are;

July 14th 2016

from 9.30am through to 7.15pm

at the Alwoodley Community Association Hall, 60 The Avenue

Thirdly, if you can’t come to the Open Day, then please let us know what you think via the feedback questionnaire here

Or you can email us at


Or you can write to us at:

Neighbourhood Plan,

Alwoodley Parish Council,  

Alwoodley Community Centre,

60 The Avenue,

Leeds LS17 7NZ


Please note though that the last date for comments is 31st August 2016

Come and See …

Come and Support Millie & Amy

Banterfest2016 is not just an amazing night out! It is actually a fundraising venture for Millie & Amy to go and volunteer in an orphanage in

South Africa, Summer 2018.

Tshepo Ya Bana (which means

Hope for Children) is a charity just outside Hammanskraal, which gives a place of safety, and cares for orphaned and vulnerable children. It gives them a stable and secure life until they are placed with Forever Family.

Tickets are available now

In South Africa 1 in 5 children are orphaned … Forever Family works to ensure that, no matter what the circumstances, all children have the opportunity to be surrounded by the love of family.