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Welcome to Alwoodley Parish

Le Grande Depart d’ Tour Yorksheer

Nous avons attendu . . . ils sont venus. . . ils sont allés.

C'était magnifique!

ee bah gum, it makes thee proud t’be Yorkshire!

Had a great time  with a roadside view. After half an hour the caravan appeared. After an hour the tension increased. People in the flats behind us gave position updates (except when the adverts were on!) And the helicopter got closer and closer . . .  The peloton arrived! 10 seconds later and the peloton was passed and past! And it was worth every minute of waiting. The crowd -the atmosphere - the sunshine! - a police motorcyclist high fiving kids as he went slowly by . . . another on popping poppets on his bike seat - only the tops of their curls visible - gendarmes waving . . .

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World War I Memorial

Phase II completed

The bench has now been installed so you can sit and think . . . or just sit!

The LCC team were their usual friendly, efficient and helpful selves and have made an excellent job (as usual) of the installation.

Details and map here

Wildflower Beds

The wildflower beds that the Parish Council is sponsoring along King Lane are looking good. They will establish themselves this year and should be even mores spectacular in subsequent seasons!

Details and map here