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Monday 2nd March 2015 - Planning Committee & Parish Council meeting - details here

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Another grumble in the jungle!

If you live on The Avenue of any of the cul-de-sacs on some roads off it you will have received a letter from us. It’s about the frequent congestion and numerous cases of inconsiderate parking that leaves many roads in chaos.

Many of you work diligently to keep the verges outside your homes looking attractive, mowing them, planting flowers and shrubs and arranging barrier to discourage people parking on the grass. Sometimes in vain!

Some of you have have contacted us to express your concern about parking virtually blocking streets. Residents in anything other than a small car have difficulty in navigating the narrow gaps and getting in and out of your drives. If you have a trailer in tow, it’s impossible - in fact impassable!

There is also concern about difficult or impossible access for emergency services. People suffering cardiac arrest, strokes, falls etc can’t wait hours for the roads to clear themselves.

So that we have a true idea of how this impacts you and how you feel about it, we would like you to contact us with your views and stories. Details are on the letter (and the contact page here).

Armed with detailed evidence we are in a better position to talk to the organisations or groups who cause these problems. We will be able to give instances and emphasis that magnitude of concern that has been generated. All submissions will remain anonymous in line with our data protection rules.

We need your views so we can represent you!

Your opportunity to join us and

make a difference to Alwoodley

As well as the General and City Council Elections on 7thMay there are eleven places to be filled on the Parish Council.

Alwoodley Parish Council, as has been stated many times previously, is a non-religious and non-political organisation. Anyone over the age of 18 who is a resident of Alwoodley Parish can be a Parish Councillor and is able to put their name forward when an election is called.

What do you need to be a Parish Councillor? Enthusiasm and commitment are the two most important attributes. We are always on the look-out for ways to improve the area we live in and new ideas are always welcome.

The Parish Council holds ten regular meetings a year and the Planning Committee, twelve. These are usually held on the first Monday of the month, although the date can vary in the case of Bank Holidays. In addition to their commitment to attend these monthly meetings, Councillors are also expected and encouraged to join working parties involved in new and on-going projects. Most Councillors are members of several working parties which meet whenever necessary and a great deal of our work is done by email between the regular Parish Council meetings.

The amount of time spent on Parish Council work varies depending on the project you are involved with. Some just involve several meetings over the course of a few weeks to discuss ideas, carry out research and write reports before bringing the final presentation to the full Parish Council for approval, after which you can relax and wait for your project to become reality, and perhaps think about a new one! Other projects however, can take up much more time than initially expected, requiring patience and determination. There is no payment for being a Parish Councillor, we are all volunteers. Small expenses eg petrol, stationery are paid.

Your Parish Council is very much a team effort, with all of us contributing our diverse skills. If you are interested and want to become involved why not consider joining us? Full details of the conditions and how to apply can be found on our website. Why not come along to one of our meetings to see what it's all about?

You can download a pdf file with more details about how to become a candidate here

You can find out more about us and how we work by contacting our clerk (all contact details are on the contact page!) Or by attending one of our meetings. The next one is on Monday February 2nd 2015

Latest news about the progress of the Neighbourhood Development Plan


Alwoodley Allotment Association

Alwoodley Allotment Association is participating with the

Leeds & District Allotment Gardeners Federation’s in creating a show garden at the 2015 Spring Harrogate Flower Show. The theme is VE Day Celebrations and as part of this L&DGF are planning a ‘Dig for Victory Allotment Garden’. This substantial display will be in a very prominent position in Gardening Hall 4.

The Flower Show Director has said . . .‘The Victory Allotment would be one of our key publicity elements for Spring, enabling profile for both yourselves and the anniversary.

More details here