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Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us

If you have offered a suggestion, then it has been forwarded to the most appropriate member(s) of the Council -  we will get back in touch as soon as we have progress to report.

If you have requested that Mike Hull, our Lengthsman carries out a job, then your email has been successfully sent.We will keep you in touch with the progress of your request.  Depending on the number of jobs Mike has on his list and the weather in may take a little while for him to fulfil your request!

If you have applied for an APC grant, it will be dealt with by the Grant Working Party and their recommendation will be discussed at the next full Council meeting. We will then get in touch with you with our decision. If you would like to be present at the Council meeting then you are very welcome to attend. See here for meeting dates

If you are looking for financial support have a look at our external grant sources page - There are thousands of pounds worth of grants available that can be used for many different things. These grants may be small or large (£250 - £50 000+), using local or national funding, one-off or ongoing.

We have decided to use our access to this information to trial advertising some of the sources that you may not realise exist. New grant information will appear as we find out about them

Information will stay on this site until after the submission date so that you won’t miss any opportunities.  The sources listed are offering grants between £250 and £1 000 000!